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The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts

Landscape / Plein-Air Workshop

Painting the Outdoor Still Life


with Bridget Ertelt

Calendar Jun 9, 2023 at 10 am

When we hear people talk about plein-air painting we often think of landscapes. However, painting the outdoor still life is an excellent way to study light and color. Students can learn a lot from this type of study, as it is easier to see how light and color shifts occur on simple objects than in the more complicated forms in the landscape. Each day exercises will be presented to help students achieve strong starts. Class focus will be on color, but light effect, value, and drawing will also be discussed. Students will begin the first few sessions by painting very simple still-life set-ups that will become more elaborate as the workshop progresses. Class will be taught in oils and tailored to all skill levels. Limit 12 students.

Plein-Air Watercolor


with CeCeile Hartleib

Calendar Jul 10, 2023 at 9:30 am

CeCeile will do a demo each day stressing values, shapes and simplification of the landscape. On the first day we will meet at Lake Harriet just across from the Rose Garden.

Outdoor watercolor supply list

Landscape Painting Course


with Bridget Ertelt

Calendar Jul 21, 2023 at 10 am

Bridget is excited to offer this workshop again. The focus will be to discuss painting the landscape outdoors on location. Get ready for a lot of information and learning. Day 1 is all about value. We will study the value structure of the landscape and simplify values to create strong starts. Day 2 will focus on color. We will discuss seeing color as value and organizing color temperatures to achieve various light effects. Day 3 we will continue practicing the information from the first two days as well as discuss other topics relevant to landscape painting such as atmospheric perspective, gradation, and special lighting situations such as sunsets. Class will be taught in oils and tailored to all skill levels. Limit 10 students.

Plein-Air Continuing Study


with Bridget Ertelt

Calendar Aug 5, 2023 at 11 am

Pre-requisite: Outdoor Landscape Painting Course

The majority of class time will be devoted to time for students to paint with instructor assistance. At the end of each day will be group wrap-up and review. Limit 10 students.

Developing the Outdoor Figurative Composition


with Andy Sjodin

Calendar Aug 19, 2023 at 1 pm, runs for 2 weeks

This workshop will be a process and preliminary work focused class that will take place over the course of two weekends. The objective of the workshop will be the creation of preliminary work needed to execute a finished outdoor composition involving a clothed figure. Two Saturday afternoons will be spent out “in the field” working from a live model to create sketches, develop color studies, and gather reference images (photographs). Two Sunday afternoons will be spent working in-studio from the created reference materials to develop a well thought out, smaller scale, full-color composition. The goal by the end of the workshop will be for students to have on-hand the necessary preliminary work and knowledge to create a finished outdoor figurative composition back in their own studios.

Andy will contact the students closer to the time of the workshop to briefly go over the supply list and location for the outdoor portion of the workshop.

Dates: Saturday–Sunday, August 19–20 and Saturday–Sunday, August 26–27
Length: 4 days
Time: 1:00pm–5:00pm

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